“God Needed A Villain” – Judas Meets Satan In Issue #2

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week sees the return of the series Judas from Boom! Studios, written by Jeff Loveness and gorgeously illustrated by Jakub Rebelka (Namesake). The book takes the story of the greatest traitor in Western religious tradition and crafts a new tale, following Judas through hell in search of some form of redemption.
The questioning attitude that Loveness instills in the story is really well balanced by Rebelka’s artwork, leading you to consider the big questions behind the role of a “villain” in any story. Could they ever have been anything else? Are they condemned to their own roles?
Issue #2 takes Judas into contact with Satan himself, and the Devil shows himself to be very persuasive, voicing many of the concerns stated above. What will Judas make of it? Will he find a way forward?

Here’s a closer look at this week’s issue:

Judas #2 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, January 10th, 2018.

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