Dragon Man Charges Into ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

by Gary Catig

Coming off the heels of the arrival of Air-Walker to Marvel Contest of Champions a few weeks ago, another combatant has joined the fray. This time, Dragon Man is looking to wreak some havoc. His combination of super intelligence and strength makes him a worthy competitor and someone players should consider adding to their team. Lean more about him in his bio below.
“Dragon Man was a lifeless android constructed by Professor Gregson Gilbert, then brought to life by Diablo through a combination of Science and Alchemy. Dragon Man spent much of his existence being manipulated into combat by Heroes and Villains alike, until Valeria Richards upgraded his Programming. Now with both super-intellect and immense strength, Dragon Man acts as a guardian for the children of the Future Foundation.”
If you want to see how to more effectively use Dragon Man, his character spotlight might help determine his best strategies. Watch his assortment of special moves below and click here for a deeper dive into the character.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download. With Dragon Man in the fold, could other members of the Future Foundation be on their way?

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