Nicolas Cage To Lend His Voice To Amazon’s ‘Highfire’ Adaptation

by Erik Amaya

Nicolas Cage is finally going to play a dragon.
Deadline reports the actor will lend his voice and executive producer Amazon’s adaptation of Eoin Colfer‘s Highfire. The novel centers on a dragon originally called Highfire. Once the lord of an entire dragon civilization, he now lives an isolated life in a Louisiana swamp. Going by the name Vern, his twin obsessions are vodka and the movie Flashdance. But it’s all about to change when a human booze-smuggling ring comes to his doorstep. Cage will voice Highfire/Vern.
The series will be run by Get Shorty‘s Davey Holmes with Andrew Mittman also serving as an executive producer. MGM/UA Television will produce the series at the corporate level.
Though Colfer is best known for his Artemis Fowl series, which was recently adapted into the laughably bad Disney+ release, he has branched out from young adult fantasy novels. Highfire is described as “True Detective by way of Pete’s Dragon” with a gritty crime thriller edge to match out the fantasy element. It sounds like a good premise, but it will be interesting to see how it works as an episodic series. It is unclear how many episodes the first season will run, but considering Amazon’s love of brevity, we expect it will emerge with eight episodes.
Highfire is not yet scheduled for release or production.

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