Wonderbound: The New Name For Vault Comics Young Readers’ Imprint

by Olly MacNamee

Vault Comics have had a little rethink over the name of their YA line of books and are henceforth changing it to Wonderbound, originally called Myriad. Whatever the reason behind the name change, I think Wonderbound is a much better fit for a young readers line of comic books.
This new imprint will now launch in Summer 2021 with four books in its first year and then followed by  a plan to publish nine books in their second year, 2022, including seven all-new books, and the continuation of two series begun in 2021.
Wonderbound’s 2021 launch will include the already announced titles Wrassle Castle and The Unfinished Corner, and will include two other titles that will be announced in the coming weeks.
Here’s more on these first two launch titles plus the covers for the first issues:

Wrassle Castle:
“Lydia Riverthane has always dreamed of being a professional wrassler, the greatest of all fighters in the kingdom of Grimslade. Growing up in the shadow of Wrassle Castle, where her older brother routinely racks up championship belts, has only fueled her competitive fire. But when her brother is mysteriously arrested for treason, Lydia and her friends must find a way into the year-end tournament. There she can win back his freedom the only way she knows how…wrassling! Written by Colleen Coover & Paul Tobin, the team who brought you the multiple Eisner Award-winning Bandette with art by Galaad (Scales & Scoundrels), Wrassle Castle is a joyous celebration of friendship and tenacity for young adult readers.”

Unfinished Corner
“Jewish mythology says that when God created the universe, He left a tiny corner of it unfinished. Opinion is divided on why, but everyone agrees that it’s a dangerous place full of monsters. Twelve-year-old Miriam neither knows nor cares—she’s too busy preparing for her Bat Mitzvah, wrestling with whether she even wants to be Jewish–until a peculiar angel appears, whisking her, her two best friends, and her worst frenemy off to this monstrous land with a single mission: finish the Unfinished Corner. From writer Dani Colman and artist Rachel “Tuna” Petrovicz, Unfinished Corner is a heartwarming middle grade adventure that gives voice to kids of all backgrounds grappling with the legacy of cultural identity.” 

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