Picturestart To Adapt ‘4 Kids Walk Into A Bank’ With Writer Matthew Robinson

by Erik Amaya

The Black Mask comic book 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank is about to become a motion picture.
Deadline reports Picturestart has acquired the rights to the series by Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss. It tells the tale of Paige, a young girl who enlists her three 12-year-old best friends to rob a bank before her recently reformed father can be convinced to pull the job himself. Dora and the Lost City of Gold‘s Matthew Robinson will adapt the book for Picturestart and producers Jessica Switch and Royce Reeves Darby.
Robinson will also be credited as a co-producer alongside Boss while Black Mask’s Matt Pizzolo will also serve as a producer.
As with all deal announcements, it is unclear when the project might go into production. Indeed, at this project’s stage of development, a director and cast still needs to be assembled. But we hope the film will have a speedy development process and make its way to viewers in the next few years.

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