DC Digital First Announce ‘Represent!’ A New Digital Comic From Underrepresented Voices

by Olly MacNamee

Of late, DC Digital First has slowed down in its promise of a new digital release every day. In fact, that as a promise very soon forgotten. But, with the announcement fo an all-new, all-original DC Digital First title, Represent!, it would seem DC Comics are once more looking to their digital output. Something I believe will only grow and grow as printed comics slowly slide into obscurity.
But, back to Represent! and who better to explain the concept behind this new digital comic than DC Comisc’ executive editor Marie Javins:
“This digital series is designed to showcase and introduce creators traditionally underrepresented in the mainstream comic book medium. We’ll highlight both new and familiar voices, beginning with ‘It’s a Bird’ by writer Christian Cooper and artist Alitha E. Martinez, a semi-fictionalized account of Christian’s very real evolution from a kid with a pair of binoculars to a man in an unexpected media spotlight after an altercation with a woman walking her dog in Central Park.”
That’s right THAT Christian Cooper, who becomes something of a viral story earlier this year when a New York ‘Karen’ started to make all the wrong moves when she was out with her dog in Central Park nd while Cooper was birdwatching. It was international news even getting an airing here in the UK and resulted in the women in question losing her job because of her racist overtures. And now the inspiration for the first chapter in this new socially-aware series from DC Comics.
What’s more, ‘It’s a Bird’ is available now, offered for free only on participating digital platforms, including readdc.com, Comixology, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and more.


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