Crowdfunding Comics: Ghost Stories From Around the World Get Adapted In ‘Early Haunts’

by Olly MacNamee

Over the weekend we gave you a look a several comic book Kickstarter campaigns as a reminder that it’s not just established comic book professionals and/or established comic book publishers that use this platform. Well, we would have had another to include, but new eerie anthology Early Haunts written by T.W. Burgess, illustrated by Mike O’ Brien, Brian Coldrick, Brianne Neumann and David Romero with colour art by Bryan Valenza – hadn’t yet launched.
Well, as of Tuesday 8th September, Early Haunts Kickstarter is live!


Containing four stories based on ancient ghosts stories from various cultures around the world, Early Haunts, “have their roots in real life accounts and ancient folklore are lifted and translated from their unwieldy original text and adapted into a more readable graphic novel format to be enjoyed by a whole new audience.”
‘House in Athens’

These stories are as follows:
‘The Death Bride’ – An Italian Gothic Horror and a primary literary influence to Mary Shelley writer of Frankenstein.
‘The Wild Hunter’ – A German poem which acted as a major inspiration to Washington Irving, writer of Sleepy Hollow.
‘The Dish House’ – a Japanese ghost tale, which inspired Sadako in Koji Suzuki’s  The Ring
‘The House in Athens’ – The first appearance of a ‘chained apparition’, an inspiration to to Charles Dicken’s ‘Marleys Ghost.’
For more on this campaign and to check out all the various pledges, why not head on over there now.

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