Art For Art’s Sake #71: The Devil Gets Artistic

by Richard Bruton

Another week rolls round, the world might be in chaos but at least you can rely on Art For Art’s Sake
Let us begin with two very different interpretations of the good Doctor… first, a classic Dave Gibbons

And then a touch of the wonderful Marc Ellerby

Mike Allred – Madman…

Kevin Wada – Hellcat

Henry Flint Dredd…

Hulk by Ricardo Lope

Iron Fist by Steve Rude

And another Iron Fist by Jonathan Lankry

Jeff Lemire does Stan Sakai’s Usagi…

John McCrea and the Bat

Larry Marder – Beanworld

Lissa Treiman – great mic drop on the cover of Giant Days

Kevin Maguire – Lois Lane

Marc Laming – Harley

Marguerite Sauvage – Barbarella

And to end this week… a gallery of Devils… Matt Wagner’s Grendel is one of those comics for me – the comics that hit at just the right time growing up, the comic that made me realise that there was so much more to comics than just Marvel and DC, the comic that led to so much more.
It’s a series that has had so many wonderful stories, from so many wonderful artists, all of them owing everything to the ideas of the series creator, Matt Wagner. So, a gallery of devils…
Pander Bothers

Bernie Mireault

Jay Geldhof & John K Snyder III

John K Snyder III

Ashley Wood

Jeremy Bastian

John Cassaday

Paul Pope

Chris Sprouse

David Peterson

Rick Veitch

Simon Bisley

Tim Sale

And of course… the creator… Matt Wagner…

And finally… finally… from Grendel Tales, possibly the favourite of the Matt Wagner Grendel work, with indredible artwork…

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