Stelfreeze & Wagner Release ‘Thomas River’ Prelude Story Through Comic Strips

by James Ferguson

After funding on Kickstarter within 24 hours, fans are getting some more Thomas River from artist / co-writer Brian Stelfreeze, co-writer Doug Wagner, colorist Michelle Poust, and letterer Ed Dukeshire. A prelude story called “The Bravest Soldier” will be released as comic strips every weekday through the Kickstarter’s conclusion on October 15th, 2020.

Stelfreeze says:

We were just too impatient to wait for the Kickstarter to wrap and wanted to introduce Special Agent Thomas River and one of his many, many occupational hazards. This is a breathless, adrenaline-doused standalone prelude that will also appear in the finished comic currently available on our Kickstarter.

The Bravest Soldier” follows CIA Agent Thomas River as he tries to halt a hostage situation involving speeding armored cars and multiple gunmen. The strips will be released every weekday through publisher 12-Gauge Comics’ Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook platforms.

Wagner adds:

It was a wonderful challenge to tell a cohesive story comprised of 20 panels that could also stand on their own, mirroring the slow-drip rhythm of the newspaper strips we grew up with. It’s also a sucker punch way to wrap readers into the world of Thomas River, before pumping the breaks and showing more of his motivations and history in the first issue.

Stelfreeze also revealed a new variant cover for Thomas River #1. This joins the others from Frank Quitely and Bengal.

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