Major Lazer Makes The Jump Into Comics With Z2 OGN

by James Ferguson

Coinciding with the announcement of the fourth album from Major Lazer, Z2 Comics has announced a special edition one-shot comic and original graphic novel from the group’s longtime artist and collaborator, Ferry Gouw. Set for release in Spring 2021, the comic follows Major Lazer, a one-armed Jamaican Zombie War commando on a mission to free the universe with music as we dig into his origins.

Gouw says:

I’ve always wanted to tell the untold story of the zombie war of 1984, which gave birth to Major Lazer.

Major Lazer: Year Negative One is written by Alex de Campi and illustrated by Gouw. It’s set in an alternate timeline in 1984 at Jamaica’s crown jewel in Nu Kingston. This retro futuristic metropolis is full of gang lords controlling hordes of zombie-like addicts with a drug called Slime. The worst of the worst is BadMan Jones, prophesied to wipe out humanity for mysterious extraterrestrials. With Slime spreading to every corner of the island, Major Lazer can no longer stay neutral. New weapons and old comrades will be needed to prevent total apocalypse.

The comic will be published as a 144-page trade paperback for $19.99. Z2 Comics will also offer an oversized and slip-cased edition for $99.99. Only 2000 copies are available and they’ll each feature an exclusive vinyl edition of Major Lazer’s new album, Music is the Weapon, along with three exclusive prints. There is also a special edition one-shot available priced for just $5.99. Check them out on the Z2 Comics site.


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