Hunting For A New World In ‘Red Shift’ From Scout Comics

by James Ferguson

Humanity is struggling to survive on Mars in Red Shift. That’s when an astronaut heads into a distant solar system to search for a new world. Scout Comics has announced this series will debut this winter from writer Himkar Tak, artist Brent David McKee, and colorist Sebastian Cheng.

Every decade so far we’ve been able to work together and pool our scant available resources to send an explorer into space. Every time we pin our hopes and dreams on these voyages. That one of these Voyagers might return with news of a new world. But none have ever come back. And now we are out of time. Mars is out of water and on the brink of civil war. We have one last chance but its a long shot. Our best Astronaut suffers PTSD. We’re counting on him to bring back news of air, water, life. If not, this is our last stand. On this cold, breathless, desolate planet.

“Brent’s work on this book is honestly some the best work I’ve ever seen in comics and with their innovation, team, and guidance Scout coming on as our ‘Houston’; there’s no better navigator.” says writer Himkar Tak “I also quickly want to thank Dr. Wesley Traub from the Exoplanet Exploration Program at NASA JPL talking me through this narrative. The men and women there never lost their wonder and that’s what I tried to capture in this saga.”

“Getting to work on Redshift with Himkar and Sebastian has been my best experience as a professional comic book artist.” added artist Brent David McKee. “Himkar is incredible to collaborate with on anything from storytelling to costume/spacecraft designs, on top of being an amazing writer. And colorist Sebastian Cheng, well, makes me look better than I am.”

Red Shift is set to debut later this year.

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