Review: ‘Star Wars’ #7 Gives Leia Her Greatest Archenemy

by Tony Thornley


Princess Leia’s lifelong crusade against an evil fascist government gets a face and a history!


Luke Skywalker has the forces of the Dark Side. Han Solo has the criminal underbelly of the galaxy. Leia Organa has always had the evil of oppressive fascist military, but in Star Wars #7 that evil has a face…

Cover by Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz & Rain Beredo

This new volume of Star Wars so far has presented the evil Commander Zahra as Leia’s opposite. But this issue gives us a bit more into her past, and her vendetta against the Rebellion’s greatest leader. It comes from Charles Soule, Roman Rosanas, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Clayton Cowles.

Commander Zahra has the Rebel Fleet in her sights. As she launches her assault we see her mentorship under Grand Moff Tarkin. However, Zahra is trying to outclass Leia Organa, a military leader the Empire has always underestimated.

Zahra burst onto the scene earlier this year as a formidable foe for Leia, a student of Tarkin who would stop at nothing to destroy the commander who claimed his life. However, Soule shows in this issue that not only is the commander fallible, but she’s also not at all the leader that she appears to be. By giving this villain a significant amount of ego and hubris, we see an officer of the Empire whose overconfidence is their greatest weakness, a symbol of everything wrong with the Empire.

Rosanas and Rosenberg team up to give us a movie on the page. A lot of the action in this issue takes place in capital ships and starfighters, which not every artist can portray well, but Rosanas gives them a sense of motion on the page that feels grand and epic. Rosenberg makes these worlds feel alien, and gives the art a great sense of visual continuity with the overall franchise.

Leia might be facing her greatest enemy since Tarkin himself. It looks like it’s going to be a wild ride.

Star Wars #7 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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