Queer Coming Of Age In Underground Oakland In ‘The Cruising Diaries’

by James Ferguson

Silver Sprocket has announced The Cruising Diaries from Brontez Purnell, described as an “unhinged and decidedly unsexy erotic memoir,” the comic recounts Purnell’s real life story after leaving small town Alabama searching for love as a Black queer punk. He found many opportunities for romance in Oakland and has devoted his time to sample each and every flavor.

The Cruising Diaries isn’t the first gay punk memoir, but it is the funniest,” says Silver Sprocket publisher Avi Ehrlich. “Although you may not have blown a homeless man behind a taco truck, there is still something universal in the quest for connection and Brontez remains a compassionate chronicler of human behavior throughout. I’m so happy to be able to get these original stories back in print, along with three new tales that are even more mind-blowing than the first edition.”
Purnell accompanies each story with a full-color illustration by Bay Area cartoonist Janelle Hessig. The Cruising Diaries is set for release in November 2020 and is currently available for pre-order through the Silver Sprocket website.

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