First Look At Bad Idea’s ‘Whalesville’ #1 By Matt Kindt And Adam Pollina

by Olly MacNamee

Bad Idea have released a first look at another one of their forthcoming comic books that will be made available only to specially selected comic book stores. We’ll keep on posting them and hoping that someone out there be able to pick up a copy of these comics once they’re out. Especially as they’re promising no digital releases and no collections.
Here’s what you need to know about this new book:
When young Wawae – the seaborn son of a whaling captain – is thrown overboard and swallowed whole by a whale, he knows his father will relentlessly pursue revenge against the creature that stole away his boy. What he didn’t expect, however, is what he’s about to find inside: the town of “Whalesville” – a colorful, cobbled-together village inhabited by an astounding collection of talking sea creatures, including a crab named Caleb, an angler fish called Angela, and a seadragon that prefers to go by Lilly. But, to Wawae’s new friends, Whalesville isn’t just their home, it’s the whole world – and they don’t understand the danger that now pursues them from above the waves or that they are even inside a whale at all. To rescue his new best buddies, Wawae will have to convince them of the truth…and save Whalesville before his own father sends them sinking into the inky depths forever.”
Whalesville #1 will bout May 2021 from Bad Idea.

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