Review: ‘Superman’ #26 Reveals A Unique New Adversary

by Tony Thornley


Superman faces a baffling foe as the creative team’s final arc kicks into high gear!


Superman has always been unique among heroes. Though he’s definitively among the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, he always tries to resolve conflict without those powers. However, in Superman #26 presents the Man of Steel with a foe that gives him no other choice.

It’s a challenge that Clark Kent has never really faced before, or may never face again. What if Superman couldn’t find out why his enemy hates him so much? The issue comes to us from Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, Alex Sinclair, and Dave Sharpe.

It’s as normal a day as Clark Kent can have. He and Lois are working closely together. Jimmy Olsen needs Clark’s help. Everyone at the Daily Planet is adjusting to the new reality of working alongside Superman AND the fact that their owner is under investigation. However, all of that new normal is shattered when Synmar arrives…

Bendis continues to show how well he gets Superman and his world (which really disappoints me that his run is coming to an end in December). This new enemy though is where this issue sticks out to me. Though only a few writers have treated Clark Kent as an outright pacifist, this tackles the same ideology extremely well. Though he’s willing to defend himself and his loved ones, we see him desperate to try to stop the attack before it escalates to that. It’s a bit of writing that understands the character and truly gets him right.

Reis continues his excellent work in this issue. He’s got a great eye for both character acting and action. His page composition between those two types of storytelling changes greatly, just like a cinematographer would change the composition of his shots. Miki is a welcome addition to the art team. He uses a lighter line over Reis’s pencils, putting more emphasis on the linework, and giving it more of a sense of motion and fluidity.

This story looks to be a unique way to close out Bendis and Reis’s time on this title. I’m excited to see how it all wraps up.

Superman #26 is available now from DC Comics.

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