‘The Mandalorian’ Begins His Search Is A Season 2 Special Look Trailer

by Erik Amaya

With just a little over ten days before The Mandalorian returns to Disney+, the company used its synergistic powers to place this new “Special Look” trailer in the middle of Monday Night Football. While just a minute long, it offers one key bit of information we think will be important throughout the season.

As Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) himself says during the preview, he needs to find other Mandalorians if he has any hope of discovering the Child’s people. As you may remember, the Armorer (Emily Swallow) on Navaro charged Djarin with finding the home of the diminutive Force-wielder or consider him part of Djarin’s “clan of two.” The search for other Mandos will take him to ice planets, a boxing ring, and into the sphere of the New Republic. It will also reportedly put him mask-to-face with Star Wars characters like Ahsoka Tano and Boba Fett. Although, those reports are still unconfirmed. What is clear from the special looks so far is that Din’s story is far from over and the Child may end up an Mandalorian himself before its all over. Considering the legendary animosity between Jedi and Mandos, that would be a very special thing indeed.
The Mandalorian returns October 30th on Disney+.

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