Brooklyn Nine-Nine 5.17 Recap: Toit, Jake Has A Sister

by Gary Catig

Jake is helping a witness through a line up, but she didn’t have a good look at the perpetrator. The only thing she remembers about him is his voice. He happened to be singing along with a jukebox that was playing I Want It That Way. Well, if that’s they only way to identify the criminal, Jake has each suspect sing some lines. Good thing there are five of them so they can each assume the role of a Backstreet Boy. The song is so catchy and infectious, that even Peralta can’t help belting out the lyrics. It seems as though his planned worked, since the witness points out the culprit.  Everyone’s was having so much fun, they forgot they were looking for a murderer.
[*Spoilers for 5.17 Ahead!]
Jake is excited to meet one of his long-lost half-sisters. His slutty air pilot dad has kids all over the country and he recently came into contact with one of them, Kate (Nasim Pedrad). When he and Amy go to pick her up at the airport, Peralta is so nervous about making a bad first impression.  That goes out the window when he finally meets her as she is being escorted in handcuffs by security.
Things don’t get better at dinner when Kate doesn’t even know what Die Hard is. Fortunately, the two siblings start to warm up to each other over their shared bad experiences with their dad. Jake feels sorry for his sister since she had less of a father than he did growing up. He also learns that Kate is feeling down recently due to a painful break up.
Soon, Peralta realizes his sister is a hot mess. First, she tries to scam a free dinner for them by placing glass in their food. Afterwards, she brings home a street performer for a one-night stand.  She’s having so much fun in New York with her new brother, Kate decides to move there for a fresh start.

Amy and Jake conspire to get Kate back together with her ex-boyfriend, Kurt. If she had something back home in Dallas to go back to, maybe she would have second thoughts about moving. They fly in Kurt so they can make up, but the human statue Kate had a tryst with earlier shows up, ruining any reconciliation. No surprise, Kurt isn’t really a good guy so like a true big brother, Jake stands up for his sister. In the ensuing argument, the truth comes out how Jake begged Kurt to come and to take Kate back to Dallas. Genuinely hurt, Kate leaves for the airport.
Jake jumped into this sibling thing too quickly and the two don’t even really know each other. He also wishes he could set the terms of when and how they interact, but soon recognizes that’s exactly how his father treated them. Peralta races to the airport to catch up to Kate and apologizes for his treatment of her. They both agree to keep in touch but take things slow.  As his sister departs, the two exchange “toits” and “noices”.
At the precinct, Terry is offended that Holt turned to Boyle for a fitness routine since he’s the one with a chiseled body of an Adonis. The Captain and Charles have turned to yoga to gain clarity and increase bone strength, and hence why Charles refers to themselves as “boners”. Terry sets out to prove he has more than vanity muscles and begins performing the same poses.
Unfortunately in the process, he throws out his back. Not willing to show he’s hurt, Terry decides to spend the rest of the day in Scully’s secret nap room in order to recuperate but becomes stuck.  Later, Boyle comes to the rescue and shows off his bone strength by carrying out his sergeant An Officer and a Gentleman style to safety.
In the other subplot, Rosa has reservations about Gina setting her up. However, Diaz is pleasantly surprised with both her date, and at Gina’s ability of deception and misdirection. Originally, Rosa was not interested in Gina’s friend, Trishelle, but she was only a decoy. Diaz did hit it off with the bartender, who was the intended person.
Overall, this was a fun episode. Though the Nine-Nine serves as Jake’s surrogate family, it was nice for him to have an actual sibling. It helps develop his character more showing that even though he’s a man child who might not have everything together, he is on the right track. Kate can get on his nerves and he wished he could control when and how they see each other but he knows how crappy that made him feel when his dad dealt with him the same way. Wanting to be a better man, he takes a different approach. Though they have only just met, hopefully we see Kate again for Jake and Amy’s wedding. On another note, Terry Crews had some great moments of physical comedy when he walked with tiny steps to deal with the back pain.
My Favorite 3 Lines:
Gina:  The only thing I’m not good at is modesty because I’m great at it.

Kate:  I’m here now and I want to see the real New York.  Let’s like…
Amy:  Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge?
Kate:  …get tanked at the Time Square Olive Garden and get our pictures taken with a human statue.

Trishelle:  So, with this new diet I’m on, you can eat anything clear like rice noodles, pineapple gummy bears.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Sunday nights at 8:30 pm on Fox.

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