Image Comics’ ‘Commanders In Crisis’ #2 Gets Five Colourful Covers

by Olly MacNamee

Commanders In Crisis #2 will be getting five covers for fans to choses from with art by Brett Booth, Laura Braga and sculptor Paul Harding.And, writer and co-creator Steve Orlando want su to all know why, giving an explanation below on why he got each artist involved in this project:
Commanders In Crisishas always been about loving our roots and looking to grow higher. With incredible work from Laura Braga, we take the classic foundation of comic art and infuse it with bright, never energy. And with Paul Harding’s digitally sculpted cover, we take comics art and covers somewhere they’ve never gone before! And that’s before the addition of power hitters like Joe Quinones and Brett Booth to ISSUE 2! With Brett, we have a timeless style that drove the very era that made this humble author a lifelong comics fan — then and now his work explodes with wild, bombastic energy and adventure! I’ve meanwhile followed Joe’s work since WEDNESDAY COMICS, and more recently DIAL H, where he spent a year plus reinventing how much creativity you could fit on page—he’s created an instantly iconic, statuesque vision of our heroes, and I couldn’t be more thankful! We ALL couldn’t be more lucky to have these covers coming our way!”
Look out for Commanders In Crisis #2 coming to stores November 18th from Steve Orlando and David Tinto.

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