X Of Swords- Meet The Rejected Sword Bearers Of Krakoa

by Tony Thornley

As the massive X of Swords crossover event reaches its midpoint this week with X of Swords: Stasis, Comicon.con got an exclusive peek at the events on Krakoa that we have seen in the pages of the past six weeks of X-Men comics. No, we don’t mean that we got to talk to the wonderful creators behind the X-Men. We actually got a glimpse into the Marvel Universe.

Don’t ask us how it happened. We’re not clear ourselves, but we think it involved the Siege Perilous and a large dose of Children’s Benadryl. However, thanks to that, we now know about ten hitherto unknown Sword Bearers, who prepared to do battle with the forces of Arakko, only to be rejected! So who were these wannabe heroes? And why are they not representing Krakoa?! Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with jokes for three more, so I only did seven. Enjoy!

Emo Glamstar – Mister Sinister

There’s no denying that Nathaniel Essex, AKA Mister Sinister, is the most charming and glam citizen of Krakoa, even if his status as whether he’s technically a mutant is… questionable. However, the moment he learned that Krakoa needed sword bearing champions of prophecy, he tried to insist that several of the prophecies were about him. He even produced a black rapier to prove it.

Unfortunately for him, Magneto immediately discerned that the rapier was simply made from the same material as his cape, and he was immediately sent back to his seat at the Winter table of the Quiet Council’s chambers. It was not long afterwards that he hatched the scheme that readers were fortunate enough to see in Hellions #5…

Miney & Moe – Maggott

The South African mutant known as Japeth is perhaps the most (unfairly) hated X-Man. I mean Lifeguard and Slipstream are right there! But I digress. (However, Maggott is way cooler than anyone will ever admit, and is only treated with such disdain because his powers are kinda gross.)

When rumors of the tournament spread throughout Krakoa, Japeth jumped eagerly forward with a pair of Ida named Miney and Moe (to compliment his existing slugs/external intelligent stomachs Eany and Meany). Wolverine, having a soft spot for the young mutant, took him aside and quietly told him that the prophecy specifically named the swords that would be used. He immediately returned to his living quarters, dejected that he still hadn’t had an on-panel speaking role in the Krakoa era.

“Holy shit, that’s disgusting” – Marrow

The Morlock also known as Sarah is perhaps the longest serving member of the X-Men who’s never returned to the main team after they left. However, she simply was biding her time until the X-Men needed her again. The tournament against Arakko was clearly that time! After all, she’s basically the only mutant whose body creates actual swords.

So when she strode into the Sanctus Sacrum, and pulled a massive bone blade from her back, naturally there was nothing to say but “holy shit, that’s disgusting!” (Magik was impressed when she said it, but Sarah couldn’t tell.) Storm was a bit apprehensive to tell her former rival that she wasn’t a sword bearer. She was totally fine telling her that her entrance really was pretty gross though.

Focused Totality – Psylocke

The X-Men know where Kwannon is if they need her.

The Compensator – Daken

Akihiro Logan has had the katana hanging above his bed for years. He had never had any need for it before. The Muramasa blade was more useful, and his claws could handle anything else the universe threw at him.

However, it was tempting to take it to the Sanctus Sacrum. After all, if his old man lost, they would need to fight an entire army of demon mutants.

Thunder Edge! – Gwenpool

Deep within Krakoa sits one of the greatest swordsmen in the history of the Marvel Universe. She’s fought monsters, demons, cyborgs and killer penguins. At least that’s what her officially sanctioned fanfiction says. And her sword is one of legend, a blade so mighty, powerful and legendary that it’s the only sword in the universe with an exclamation mark in its name.

But the prophecy didn’t name Gwendolyn Poole. So she sits. Waiting, training, preparing for the day that it does. Or until a writer has a use for her. One of the two.

Dull Butter Knife- Deadpool

People say he’s not a mutant. The X-Men have said he’s not welcome on Krakoa. At least ten different citizens of Krakoa have restraining orders against him.

But none of that has ever stopped Wade Wilson before.

So what’s next in X Of Swords? Find out on October 28 in X Of Swords: Stasis!

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