BOOM! Studios To Publish Katja Klengel’s ‘Girlsplaining: A (Sorta) Memoir’

by James Ferguson

BOOM! Studios continues to expand its original graphic novel line with Girlsplaining: A (Sorta) Memoir from cartoonist Katja Klengel. Set for release in March 2021, the book tackles subjects that have shaped the creator’s life like body shaming, the exploration of her sexuality, representation of women in the media, and the social pressure on women who don’t have children.

Why do we fear the word “vulva” so much? Do we really have to be ashamed of our body hair? Why do gender roles in children’s toys seem to be stuck in the ‘50s? With a sense of humor, an open heart, and unsparing candor, Klengel looks back on her childhood through the lens of the popular culture that shaped her identity and examines what being a woman today means to her (and really, a whole lot of us!).

“When I was a teenager I couldn’t imagine that there were other girls and women who had the same problems and experienced the same things I did. So, for me, Girlsplaining the book I would have liked to have when I was younger to help me realize I’m not alone in this,” said Klengel. “I’m happy and excited that I can reach out to many more teenagers and grown-ups in the U.S. and elsewhere, and maybe it’s a bit comforting to them.”

“The first time I saw Katja’s openly honest depictions of different experiences she’d had to deal with, just as a woman living her everyday life, I immediately recognized myself in her stories,” said Sierra Hahn, Executive Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Katja illustrates, with great humor and warmth, some of the everyday joys, issues, and challenges that a lot of women could relate to.”

Girlsplaining: A (Sorta) Memoir is set for release in March 2021 at your local comic shop, bookstore, and Amazon.

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