Review: Tunneling Down With ‘G.I. Joe’ #9 From IDW

by Benjamin Hall


In flight and fighting for his life G. I. Joe member Tunnel Rat tries to escape Cobra. Will he succeed, or is he just one more dead man in Nepal?

G.I. Joe #9 (2020) Cover A art by Chris Evenhuis.

G.I. Joe #9 Cover B is the work of artist Freddie Williams II and colorist Jeromy Colwell. It is arguably the best of the covers in terms of design and feeling dynamic. Though it is definitely kind of busy due to the text that represents computer coding. This effect with the coding is partly problematic due to one of the background colors matching it. The second best cover is possibly Cover A by artist Chris Evenhuis due to its simplicity and clean line work. However, it lacks a dynamic feeling since Nicky Lee (codename Tunnel Rat) is not really doing anything. Lastly, the Retailer Incentive Cover by artist Scott Drummond has the reality of angles affecting the design’s believability.

Cover B by Freddie Williams II and Jeromy Colwell

Writer Paul Allor arguably provides a strong script. Its strength comes from resembling The Old Man and the Sea (1952) in terms of both characterization and interpretation. Meaning that the characterization is minimal, and one can interpret the story as tragedy or triumph. However, the minimal characterization also affects how well the writing meshes with artist Ryan Kelly’s art. This is due to how Allor leaves Kelly the primary task of giving the characters life and personality. Also the writing practically leads the entire narrative to the point where the art is arguably unnecessary.

The works of Kelly, letterer Neil Uyetake, and colorist Brittany Peer are the saving graces of this issue’s quality. Kelly’s line work has confidence and a neatness to it. Plus the page layouts achieve a suggestion of motion that is not fully in any singular panel. While Neil Uyetake provides good positioning for each bit of text. Thus the writing actually maintains some connection to the art. As for the color palette, it has just the right hues to assist the narrative on a thematic front. In conclusion this team effort may not save the day, but it definitely saves this issue.

G.I. Joe #9 is out now from IDW

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