Knull Takes The Marvel Universe In ‘King In Black’ #1 Variants

by Tony Thornley

The mighty god of the symbiotes has been coming for Venom since the end of Absolute Carnage. Now, in King in Black #1 he reaches Earth, and the Marvel Universe will never be the same.

King In Black #1 Main Cover By Ryan Stegman

To commemorate the event, Marvel Comics has released a look at five variant covers for the massive event. Each of the covers depict the horrifying elder god Knull in different ways as he sweeps through the Marvel Universe, continuing Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman’s massive Venom run.

The run has already redefined Venom, asking questions about the symbiote’s origins, introducing its creator and transforming his greatest enemy into something more. Now Eddie Brock faces the greatest challenge he’s ever seen in a battle that will consume the entire Marvel Universe.

The god of darkness arrives on Earth on December 2nd. Until then, check out the covers by Marvel’s best, industry superstars and even an ultra-talented tattoo artist in the gallery below!

Heroes of the Marvel Universe enter the battle by Phillip Tan & Sebastian Chang


Tattoo Variant by Ian Bederman
Knull gets haunting by Peach Momoko
A terrifying glimpse of the god of darkness by Superlog
Marvel’s mightiest face symbiote dragons by Leinil Francis Yu & Sunny Gho

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