Pick Of The Week: Three More Comics We Recommend From This Past Week’s New Titles

by Olly MacNamee

Pirouette (Black Mask Studios)

Written by M.L. Miller

Art by Carlos Granda

Colour art by El Cómic en Línea Foundation, Champe Ramirez

Lettering by Jim Campbell

Sometimes good things happen to those that wait and Pirouette getting to finish its first arc after six years? That’s a really good thing. For those who have been holding out hope that issues #3 and 4 would see the light of day, Black Mask Studios have made it happen. It’s not a happy return, though, and that’s the strange part about having wanted these issues for so long. They’re bad news for Pirouette.

It’s not that Pirouette is opposed to joining the family business. It’s that she’s opposed to being a clown, yet to her father that’s as good as a personal insult. The series, which takes place at a circus, plays on the idea of a sad clown but executes it brilliantly. Granda’s art in the scene where Pirouette has her make-up forcibly reapplied is like a slap to the face, while El Cómic en Línea Foundation’s colors help make it easy to pick Pirouette out in a crowd. Campbell’s letters travel with the characters and Miller’s dialogue frightens and crushes in equal measure. – Rachel Bellwoar

Once & Future #13 (BOOM! Studios)

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Dan Mora

Colour art by Tamra Bonvillain,

Lettering by Ed Dukeshire

A new story arc begins as we catch up with new monster hunter Duncan, who has been keeping himself busy in the intervening time between the end of the last chapter and this new issue. But the time has come to seek out Bridgette’s estranged and troubled daughter and that means revisiting old and dangerous haunts.

While there is no sign of the once and future king in this issue, there is the revelation of an all-new nightmare n the final page that promises more complications and more action to come.

Mora’s artwork remain spellbinding even when illustrating the dullest of English vistas while Bonvillain’s colours always add an extra touch of magic in this scene-setting instalment, out now from BOOM! Studios. – Olly MacNamee

Dark Nights: Death Metal #5 (DC Comics)

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Greg Capullo and Johnathan Glapion

Colour art by FCO Plascencia

Lettering by Tom Napolitano

Another thrilling chapter in this bonkers blockbuster that really leans into the excesses of the medium with an uncompromising, unapologetic gonzo crossover of preposterous scale. Snyder may not have too much time left at DC Comics but he’s going out with a bang, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, Capullo pulls out all the stops to illustrate a book birthing with DC Comics’ characters past and present showing he is juts as comfortable in the garish world of capes and cowls as he is in the deepest recesses of horror.

The story throws up the odd twist and turn as we start to gain momentum and head towards a climax that, I am sure, will leave the DCU a very different place. Until the next reboot.  – Olly MacNamee

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