Super Sunday (Part 1): Celebrating Sci-Fi With Three New Releases From ComiXology Originals

by Olly MacNamee

This weekend we’re bringing you  three previews of forthcoming digital comics coming out this Tuesday 24th November from comiXology Originals. It means a shorted schedule that normal, but after last weekend’s marathon coverage of Thought Bubble – and single handedly too – I could do with the break.

So, between now and 4pm (ET) we’ll be bringing you a new previews on the hour every hour, starting with a look at Breaklands Season 2:

Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Tyasseta,

Colour art by Sarah Stern

Letters by Rachel Deering

“Set 150 years after humanity developed psychic powers and ended the world as we know it, a new world has emerged. This post-Break world has become almost entirely dependent on talents for nearly everything, especially fighting. Kasa Fain, is a young teenager, an outsider, who was in hiding with her younger brother, Adam, until the day he was kidnapped for his shaper ability. With their mother gone, Kasa, armed with her smarts and a bow and arrows, set out to rescue her brother from the Rumblers. Now reunited, Kasa and Adam are on the run and being pursued by Skypirates, land bound criminals, and the God King Rask. But when Kasa learns she just might possess the most powerful talent of all, can they get to safety?”

Breaklands Season 2 is out Tuesday 24th November from comiXology Originals


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