Thinning Out The Love Triangle – ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Something Wicked’ #4 Reviewed

by Rachel Bellwoar


While Sabrina continues to look for a spell that will stop Ren and Radka from turning into a wendigo, can Ren be trusted with her secret?


Harvey Kinkle is as much a staple of Sabrina stories as Salem. While that’s not to say Sabrina hasn’t dated other people (including Archie in Archie Comic’s flagship title), Harvey is the  person she tends to be paired with the most. That doesn’t mean that writer, Kelly Thompson, should feel beholden to keep him around, however. Back in September’s issue of Sabrina: Something Wicked, Sabrina decided to break up with him so she could stop lying all the time. Consequently, Harvey spends most of issue #4 acting like Sterling’s boyfriend, Luke, on Teenage Bounty Hunters and implying that Sabrina isn’t broken up enough over the fact that they’re not together anymore.

Cover Artist: Veronica Fish

Too bad, Harvey, because there’s a new triangle in town and this one, unlike the love triangle that’s been festering since the first arc, could be the key to turning this second arc around. In order to succeed, though, Harvey has to leave the picture and that’s not to say he can’t be end game, or that his leaving has to mean Ren and Sabrina start dating, but while the whole idea of this arc has been that Sabrina has too much on her plate, it’s time she started knocking some things out.

The first piece of good news in issue #4 is that another person knows Sabrina’s a witch. While issue #3 left it up in the air how much Ren saw of Sabrina practicing magic, he knows she’s a witch and Sabrina doesn’t even try to deny it.

Ren and Radka also talk, as she comes clean about knowing that they’ve been transforming into a wendigo when there’s a full moon. The new triangle, then, isn’t a love triangle but a triangle between three people who don’t really know each other that well yet have managed to find out each other’s deepest secrets. That’s a bond stronger than any love triangle.

What’s also great about this trio is they bring out different sides in each other. The reason Radka and Sabrina have been a surprisingly flat pairing is that there’s been no one around to make them spend time together or get over their petty disputes. Having a mediator who also realizes they could be friends will be good for them going forward.

There’s also a surprising amount of comedy to be reaped from this trio that artists, Veronica and Andy Fish, recognize early. Starting with Radka’s first appearance, she ends up interrupting Ren and Sabrina as they’re about to move in for a kiss. Letterer, Jack Morelli’s, speech bubbles are even complicit in this moment, as they seem to pull Sabrina and Ren closer together, but Radka’s hand spoils the mood. Another sweet comedy beat is when Radka looks like she’s going to pummel Sabrina and Ren just casually holds up his arm to stop her. It says a lot about their relationship that that’s all he has do and Sabrina comes out safe, but Radka’s bark is worse than her bite and it’ll be nice to get to know her as a sister.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Something Wicked #4 is on sale now from Archie Comics.

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