Own A Piece Of A Comics Publisher With PopCultivator

by James Ferguson

You’ve Kickstartered comics before, but have you ever done it with a comic book studio? That’s the idea behind PopCultivator, a new project launching next week on the equity crowdfunding platform WeFunder.

The project is led by Josh Blaylock, Founding and Publisher of Devil’s Due Comics, Mike Horn, found of a toy company that has produced action figures for Muppets, South Park, and more, Jose Garibaldi, artist and animator who’s worked on Dog Man, TMNT, and The LEGO Movie, and Mark Powers, former Marvel editor for X-Men and Devil’s Due editor.

The idea behind PopCultivator is to work with comic publishers of all shapes, including, but not limited to Devil’s Due Comics. It will create pipelines to make collectibles and merchandise, and over time, develop a platform into Hollywood. Comics is where it all starts though.

“To me this just makes sense. It’s the natural evolution of crowdfunding projects.” says Blaylock. “WeFunder welcomed this concept and helped us put our big boy business pants on to get all of the certifications, government SEC clearance and filings, and we’re now go! To make sure all of that stays on point, we brought in a fantastic start-up COO to keep us in line.”

WeFunder works like Kickstarter in that people are supporting the project with pledges, however you’re not buying specific comics here. Instead, you’re buying shares in a company. As a shareholder, you’re included in what’s going on as new projects are set up and new creators are signed. You’ll even get sneak peeks of new comics in production. When conventions start up again, there are plans to include perks for shareholders as well.

The WeFunder campaign is set to launch on December 2nd, 2020.

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