Multiple Spider-Man Rumor Gains Steam; Kirsten Dunst To Return In MCU ‘Spider-Man 3’

by Erik Amaya

It seems the third Marvel Studios Spider-Man picture will really go into the Spider-Verse.

Hot on the heels of The Hollywood Reporter’s claim that Alfred Molina is back as Doctor Octopus, Collider adds previous Peter Parker Andrew Garfield and original live-action Mary Jane Watson Kirsten Dunst are joining the production. Emma Stone may appear as Gwen Stacey provided the scheduling works around her pregnancy. Tobey Maguire may also join up if Sony and Marvel Studios can close a deal with him.

Of course, Marvel will not confirm any of this because Marvel has to Marvel.

The move to include all of these Sony stars suggests two things: a warming of the relationship between Marvel and Sony in the last two years or a grand farewell for the MCU Spider-Man as he heads back to the Sony Universe. We’d like to think it’s the former, but considering how quickly partnerships can crumble, maybe hedging bets and welcoming Tom Holland‘s Peter home in Culver City is a worthwhile endeavor.

Then again, welcoming the current Sony Spider-Verse into the MCU has some appeal as well.

Add all of these Spider-Verse characters with Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Doctor Strange and you get a film jam-packed with familiar faces. So much so, we wonder if it will have any time to tell its own story. But, perhaps, that’s not the point. In the absence of an Avengers title, this film seems to be filling the role of the big event movie to offer the subsequent films momentum. We’ll be impressed if it works.

Spider-Man 3 is set for release on December 17th, 2021.

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