Superman Gets A New (52) Suit For A ‘Superman & Lois’ Photo

by Erik Amaya

It’s a more classic look for the Man of Steel when Superman & Lois debuts next month.

The series’ official social media channels posted the following image of star Tyler Hoechlin in his new supersuit on Wednesday. As Hoechlin mentioned during the show’s DC FanDome panel, the costume he wore in his Supergirl appearances and during “Crisis on Infinite Earths” was not built for the rigors of regular use. At the time, a new suit was in the works with some input from the star. The results have a slightly more classic, but decidedly New 52 feel about it.

Gone are the collar-bone buckles attaching the cape to the suit, but still missing are the trunks. DC Comics restored them in recent years, but live action adaptations are still reticent to do likewise; sticking instead with the bodysuit-and-belt look. As we’re said before, we think the trunks are essential as they break-up all that blue in a way the more modest belt cannot. Add the texture and seam lines and this new suit cannot help but be a descendant of Jim Lee‘s 2011 redesign.

Also, it looks like Hoechlin has been working on his shoulders.

The series will center on Superman and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) as they return to Smallville to raise their sons (now teen-aged thanks to the Crisis). There, they will face family challenges while still trying to keep the world safe from insidious threats and, possibly, existential horrors.

Superman & Lois debuts February 23rd on The CW.

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