2000 AD in 2021: The Collections Coming From The Galaxy’s Greatest

by Richard Bruton

As we draw to the end of the plague year, it’s time to look ahead to 2021, the year when everything goes okay, where nothing really bad happens, and where we all get to have a great time. Fingers crossed, eh?

But one thing’s for sure… it’s going to be a year full of thrills from 2000 AD, the Galaxy’s Greatest comic. In addition to all the weekly excitement in 2000 AD and the monthly blast of thrill-power in Judge Dredd Megazine, there’s already a sizable line-up of collections to look forward to – and we’ve got the details right here…

Full details in a bit, but notable bits and highlights for the year on first glance….

There’s the start of a brand-new digital-only reprint collection in January, beginning with Armoured Gideon, the demon-slaying robot with Annihilation on its mind. Now, there’s a couple of ways of looking at this, either a great way to get hold of some long out of print stuff or a way for Tharg to mine the archives for all of that material that just doesn’t really cut it for a print collection. In truth, both are probably a bit right. The digital-only format does mean a lot of material that would never make its money back in print gets the collected treatment, but that does mean that the old fans of this material will get the chance to have it in collection. It also might mean that this niche material could find a new readership in a new age.

In another strand of 2000 AD‘s expansion into new fields, we’ll see two collections of the Regened all-ages comics coming out this year, hopefully getting the comic some new, younger fans in the process. And we’ll also see the first collection of material to make the jump from Regened to the main 2000 AD Progs, with the collection of the Alex de Campi and Eduardo Ocana sci-fi space opera series Full-Tilt Boogie.

The Essential Judge Dredd series that began last year with ‘America’ continues this year with two more volumes – including with what I always think of as the greatest of all the Dredd epics, as Joe goes to war with the Sovs in the collected ‘Apocalypse War’.

And finally, two different takes on Judge Hershey in June and August with Judge Dredd: Guatemala and Hershey: Disease – the former seeing John Wagner saying farewell to his Chief Judge creation before Rob Wiliams and Simon Fraser rather controversially bring her back.

Now, on with the full list – I’m sure there’s going to be more added to this list as 2021 rolls along, but frankly the list as it is right now is doing great things, with plenty of variety coming our way. Whether it’s classic strips or something new and fresh, 2000 AD continues to impress.


JANUARY 2021 –

Armoured Gideon by John Tomlinson, Simon Jacob, Alan McKenzie, Sean Phillips
Digital only release
6th January 2021

Armoured Gideon is the first of a brand new series of digital-only 2000 AD collections for 2021 – the adventures of fan favourite character Armoured Gideon are collected in a digital-only graphic novel for the first time. Armoured Gideon is a demon-slaying robot who only says one word… ‘Annihilate!’ His task? To protect our world from the demonic threat of a parallel dimension known as ‘The Edge’. This classic 2000 AD story is presented in a new edition, aimed at fans new and old!

2000 AD Regened Volume 1, creators Include: Alex de Campi, Alec Worley, Chris Weston, Neil Googe
Out: 7th January 2021

The first in a new series featuring younger versions of established 2000 AD characters – perfect for Upper Middle Grade aged readers! Join Cadet Dredd in four astonishing capers! Discover how Johnny Alpha became a teenage bounty-hunter Strontium Dog! Alien delinquents DR and Quinch hijack Free Comic Book Day! Featuring brand new comics from comics stars Alex De Campi, Alec Worley, Chris Weston, Neil Googe, Brett Parson and more – 2000 AD Regened is a thrill-powered collection for Earthlets of all ages!

Hope Volume Two … Under Fire – By Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton
Out: 19th January 2021

The second volume of the dazzling debut mixing Hollywood noir and occult magic by Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton.

In an alternate post-war 1940s Los Angeles, where dark magic is a fact of life, Mallory Hope is a private detective haunted by his past… and by the occult forces he uses.

Essential Judge Dredd: The Apocalypse War by John Wagner, Alan Grant, Carlos Ezquerra, Mick McMahon, Brian Bolland, Steve Dillon, Ron Smith
Out: 19th January 2021

When the citizens of Mega-City One’s massive city blocks declare war on each other, Judge Dredd realises it is merely a prologue to an all-out nuclear attack by East Meg One! As warheads rain down, Dredd leads a brave guerrilla resistance against the Sov forces, building to an earth-shattering decision that shakes his world to the core!

This second wide-screen blockbuster volume in the Essential Judge Dredd graphic novel series presents The Apocalypse War, the mother of all ‘epic’ Dredd storylines, which forever fixed the character in readers’ minds and ensured Carlos Ezquerra’s title as the definitive Dredd artist in comics’ hall of fame. Widely considered a comics classic, this volume of The Apocalypse War is reprinted alone in its entirety for the first time in its original format for over a decade.


Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 36John Wagner, Gordon Rennie, Andy Diggle, Henry Flint, Ben Willsher, Ian Gibson, John Ridgeway, Mick McMahon, Jim Baikie, Simon Fraser, PJ Holden, Carl Critchlow, Staz Johnson, Carlos Ezquerra
Out: 4th February 2021

The best-selling Judge Dredd graphic novel series continues with the most popular crossover story in its history! Mega-City One – a nightmarish enclosure located along the Eastern Seaboard of North America. Only the Judges – powerful law enforcers supporting the despotic Justice Department – can stop total anarchy running rife on the crime-ridden streets.

Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd – he is the law and these are his stories… Judge Dredd has brought countless monsters to justice but now the ultimate killing machines, cinema’s most famous xenomorphs, surface in Mega-City One and it may well be more than the Justice Department can handle!


MARCH 2021 –

Judge Dredd: End of Days by Rob Williams, Colin MacNeil, Henry Flint
Out: 16th March 2021

The brand-new collection of the adrenaline-pumping and hugely-popular modern classic storyline by writer Rob Williams (Suicide Squad), following his smash hits Judge Dredd: Small House and Judge Dredd: Control.

Judge Dredd is the top lawman of Mega-City One but now it seems as though the end has come – he must face off against the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Luckily he has an unexpected ally at his side in the form of meta-normal cowboy killer Ichabod Azrael.

Modern master Rob Williams is joined by Henry Flint and Colin MacNeil to continue the multi-part masterpiece which began with Judge Dredd: The Small House and Judge Dredd: Control – the Dredd epic of the year has arrived!


APRIL 2021 –

Thistlebone Book One by Tom Eglington, Simon Davis
Out: 29th April 2021

The first volume in an all-new creepy folk-horror series, beautifully painted by the popular Sláine artist Simon Davis! England, 2019. The secluded rural village of Harrowvale holds a dark past — that years earlier, on a farm bordering the vast tracts of woodland, it hosted a cult that was seeking to escape civilisation and find purity in the old ways, namely worshipping an ancient deity called Thistlebone.

Led by the charismatic Jasper Hillman, their pagan beliefs grew ever more radical to the point where they held the young Avril Eason captive with the intention of sacrificing her. But Avril escaped…


MAY 2021 –

Devlin Waugh: Blood Debt – by Rory McConville, Ales Kot, Mike Dowling
Out: 13th May 2021

Vatican exorcist, freelance paranormal investigator and altogether dashing rogue, Devlin Waugh is in the business of getting up close and extremely personal with the occult!

This time he’ll have to rescue his debtor brother Freddy from a casino suspended over an unending inter-dimensional void, save Brit-Cit from a plague of mutagenic nightmare spores, and befriend a possessed demonic dildo, all while negotiating boyfriends ex- and current…

Regened Presents: Fill Tilt Boogie by Alex De Campi and Eduardo Ocaña
Out: 13th May 2021

Pedal to the metal!

Tee, along with her grandmother and cat, is a wannabe bounty hunter, odd-jobbing across the galaxy in her ship the Full Tilt Boogie, constantly on the lookout for the bigger, better payday. Some days, though, it’s less bounty-hunting and more baby-sitting, especially when they rescue the narcissistic Prince Ifan from Debtor’s Prison.

Accidentally sparking an intergalactic war, suddenly Tee finds herself chased across the universe by sacred knights and unstoppable undead warriors. Planet conquering, prince rescuing, and ramen eating – it’s all in a day’s work for the crew of the Full Tilt Boogie!


JUNE 2021 –

Judge Dredd: Guatemala by John Wagner, Colin MacNeil
Out: 22 June 2021

Viva los humanos! A deathbed request sends Judge Dredd on a diplomatic mission to Guatemala, a dictatorship ruled by the despotic robot El Presidente. Under the military rule of robots, humans are enslaved, trafficked and farmed for parts.

El Presidente seeks to expand its repressive regime – and if Mega-City One doesn’t give into its demands, its nuclear arsenal will blow the city off the map!

From legendary Judge Dredd scribe John Wagner and fan favourite artist Colin MacNeil comes an action-packed Dredd tale of robots and revolution! Also featuring bonus Dredd stories with art by Carlos Ezquerra and Henry Flint.


JULY 2021 –

2000 AD Regened Volume 2Matthew Smith, John Reppion, Cavan Scott, Laura Bailey, Michael Carroll, Nicolo Assirelli, Davide Tinto, Paul Davidson, Andrea Mutti, Nick Brokenshire
Out: 6th July 2021

2000 AD Regened is a thrill-powered collection for Earthlets of all ages, featuring your favourite 2000 AD characters! Reimagined versions of classic characters like Dredd, Judge Anderson and Johnny Alpha star in action packed adventures alongside brand new characters, specially created for a younger audience.

It’s a race against time as Cadet Dredd and his clone brother Rico have to defuse a hostage situation in “Bad Seeds”. When Judge Anderson encounters a malevolent force trying to turn the kids of Mega-City One into swots, she has to restore mayhem to the streets.

Other characters include Pandora Perfect: futuristic criminal, terrible babysitter and all round bad ‘un, teenage mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha and the return of ghostbusting duo Finder and Keeper.

All this and more in the second volume of 2000AD‘s celebrated series of all-ages science fiction stories!


AUGUST 2021 –

Hershey: Disease by Rob Williams and Simon Fraser
Out: 17th August 2021

Hell hath no fury like Barbara Hershey!

You think you know her story. Chief Judge of Mega-City One, Barbara Hershey had been a powerful ally to Judge Dredd, until she became infected with an alien pathogen and – supposedly – died. But little do the citizens and judges of Mega-City One suspect that Hershey’s death was faked.

Now, join fan favourite character Judge Hershey as she embarks on a new adventure beyond the grave and beyond the walls of Mega-City One, to right the wrongs of her past and dispense justice! Critically acclaimed creative team Rob Williams (Judge Dredd, Doctor Who) and Simon Fraser (Judge Dredd, Doctor Who) tell a globe-spanning, gritty story of retribution.

The Stainless Steel Rat- Deluxe Edition – Based on the SF novels by Harry Harrison, adapted for 2000 AD by Kelvin Gosnell and Carlos Ezquerra
Out: 19th August 2021

Rebellion has announced a new collection of The Stainless Steel Rat, 2000 AD’s comic book adaptation of top SF novelist Harry Harrison’s fantastic classic pulp sci-fi novels. Alongside the 2000 AD strips themselves, we’ve detailed more than one comic connection to the popular SF character below, with Michael Carroll, Alan Craddock and Dave McKean playing roles in his ongoing story!

Out of print for almost a decade, the new collection will include the three adaptations written by Kelvin Gosnell with art by Carlos Ezquerra between 1979 and 1985, and – for the first time – will feature the colour centre spreads as they originally appeared in 2000 AD.

The Stainless Steel Rat, the creation of American author Harry Harrison, first appeared in 1961. In all, Harrison wrote 12 original novels starring “Slippery” Jim DiGriz, the charming con-man given a choice when the law finally catches up with him – join up or get sent down!



Essential Judge Dredd: Origins by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, Kev Walker, Colin MacNeil
Out: 2nd September 2021

The origin of Judge Dredd, and the Mega-City One Justice system – This is Judge Dredd: Year One! An unusual delivery is made to the Grand Hall of Justice, a package that will force Dredd to lead a mission into the Cursed Earth and into the darkest recesses of the history of the Judges and Mega-City One…

In this acclaimed epic, history is written by Dredd co-creators John Wagner (A History of Violence) and Carlos Ezquerra (Strontium Dog) with a special introductory tale featuring the art of Kev Walker (ABC Warriors: Khronicles of Khaos). Now presented as part of the Essential line of Judge Dredd stories, this book is the ultimate introduction to the Judge Dredd universe.


OCTOBER 2021 –

Fiends of the Eastern Front by Gerry Finley-Day, Carlos Ezquerra, Ian Edginton, Tiernen Trevallion, Dave Taylor, Dave Kendall
Out: 14th October 2021

Sink your teeth into the collection of the classic supernatural war stories from the pages of 2000 AD – now expanded and updated! Buried deep underground are the remains of Wehrmacht soldier, Hans Schmitt, and his diary, which journals his eerie encounter with the Romanian Captain Constanta and his platoon of blood-sucking freaks! Back in 1943, with the Russians willing to fight until their last man in order to defend Stalingrad, Panzergrenadier Richter discovers Constanta’s secret and learns than sometimes your allies can be just as dangerous as the enemy!

This fiendishly-fun collection features the breathtaking art of Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd) and Colin MacNeil (America, Chopper: Song of the Surfer), with stories from Gerry Finley Day (Rogue Trooper), David Bishop (Thrill-Power Overload), and recent classics from Ian Edginton (Stickleback, Scarlet Traces), and Dave Kendall (Fall of Deadworld), that takes the blood-soaked story of Constanta back into history!



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