Review: The Man Of Steel Brings Hope Amidst Despair In ‘Superman- Endless Winter Special’

by Tony Thornley


A crossover event captures the spirit of the Last Son of Krypton.


The infamous scene in Man of Steel in which Kal-El explains that his symbol means hope has often been mocked. However, the character himself truly embodies that hope and Superman Endless Winter Special captures that for readers.

Cover by Francis Manapul

Though it’s part 3 of this month-long crossover, this issue is an accessible stand-alone story for any Superman fan. It was created by Ron Marz, Andy Lanning, Phil Hester, Ande Parks, Hi-Fi, Dave Sharpe, Marco Santucci, Arif Prianto, and Troy Peteri.

The planet is enveloped in a magical winter that is growing ever darker and colder. However, Superman still leads the world’s heroes and still works every moment to ensure that people the world over are safe. And seeing him do so might be all the world needs to hold on to hope…

Marz and Lanning capture the spirit of Superman so quickly and so well in this issue. In just about 18 pages (after subtracting a great looking flashback by Santucci and an epilogue), they show Superman in his righteous fury, the Man of Steel inspiring people to fight for survival, and Clark Kent letting his guard down with his parents. It doesn’t even feel rushed, and thanks to the narration largely being from Lois, we get to feel what it’s like to witness his actions though “her” words.

It has been way too long since I’ve seen art by Hester and Parks. Their depiction of Superman is majestic and powerful. Their layouts and characters all serve to drive the action and plot, leading the reader’s eye across the page as Superman takes action. Ending at the Kent home is the best thing the story could have done, as Hester and Parks make him feel vulnerable and human. Combined with the story, it’s a fantastic read.

Superman is the greatest symbol in the DC Universe. It’s great to see that as such a major part of the story.

Superman: Endless Winter Special is available now from DC Comics.

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