Review: ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ #6 Continues To Be Energetic, Entertaining And Engaging

by Olly MacNamee

It’s appropriate that Sgt. Rock narrates Dark Nights: Death Metal #6. After all, our beleaguered heroes are amassing to take on the dark forces of The Batman Who Laughs in a Battle Royale! All fought in a universe hastily forged by said villain. And, in the calm before the storm, the heroes share some final words while Perpetua is in a cosmic battle of her own facing off from the aforementioned darkest Batman in town. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman heads to the Forge of Worlds with a legion of Lobos in tow. It’s all very action oriented, as we head for the final furlong, and as you would expect by this point in the series. 

Greg Capullo’s use of larger and widescreen panels not only help illustrate the scale of the war but it really helps to balance the art with the dialogue beautifully too. He gives the whole epic fight and its large cast of characters space to breathe and readers a great front seat view. It never feels crowded, and cutting back and forth between the various players definitely keeps this penultimate issue energetic, entertaining and engaging. Another high octane issue that just keeps on going. 

Scott Snyder certainly has a gift for dialogue, with some witty zingers included to keep this book from falling too much into darkness. As well as moments of bonding, moments of calm and moments of self-reflection. Drama, action, humour and more, this is a comic book that has a lot.

There is a huge moment of closure in this issue that you’re probably more than aware of, given a core purpose of this series was to reset the DCU. And, you’d have to have be living under a rock not to know where this is heading. But, it’s the journey there that’s been one Hell of a ride and continues to draw me in month in and month out. With Snyder heading for pastures new, DC Comics will be a quieter place without him. Best enjoy it while I can! 

Dark Nights: Death Metal #6 is out now from DC Comics.

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