‘Spawn’ #314 Shows Off The Full Art Process From Pencils To Colours Over 3 Variant Covers

by Olly MacNamee

Now here’s a new twist on an old idea: Greg Capullo shows off his art process from pencils to inks to colour on three upcoming variant covers for Spawn #314.

Cover B – coloured

Spawn creator and Image Comics partner explained the reasoning behind these covers:

“I think it will be interesting and educational for readers to be able to see all three of the big creative steps that goes into making any cover. In this particular case they’ll be treated to the astonishing penciled artwork by iconic artist Greg Capullo (Batman, Spawn, DC Metals). This is the ‘raw’ cover. Then there will be a black & white, inked version in which I get to ink over Greg’s wonderful work. Then lastly, there will be the usual full colored version of this piece displaying the skillful hand of FCO… If you’re lucky enough to find all three and can put them on your wall it will be a spectacular looking tribute to an important part of making any comic”

Cover D – inks

Look out for all three covers  – with Cover D (the “raw” pencils) being 1:50 incentive cover – coming in January. Best of luck finding that “raw” version though. I’d be asking at my local store now if I was keen to collect all three. Spawn #314 is out Wednesday January 27th from Image Comics.




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