New Money For Old Rope: Disney + Already Announce Price Hikes In The UK Thanks To The Debut Of Star

by Olly MacNamee

That didn’t take long now did it? In a world where we are ever-increasingly asked to fork out more and more money to various different media corporations if we want to watch our favourite films and TV Shows, Disney + are using the launch of there Star channel here in Europe to raise their prices. Whether we want to watch all five sessions of Lost or not. It all adds up, you know. And this is before we even get HBO Max here in the UK this year and THAT Justice League release to sell it.

This past Holiday season, I succumbed myself to Disney + after almost a year of avoiding it, but the lure of The Mandalorian and the slate of Marvel/Star Wars releasing coming my way was far too much to ignore any longer over the holiday season. Now I learn that I’ll be forking out an additional £2 a month for another redundant channel.

Billed as a mature-viewers channel, like so many other streaming services it’s made up of a good deal of old shows and even older films you’ve probably seen enough times already and own on video, DVD and Blu-Ray! Shows like 24, the aforementioned Lost, Desperate Housewives, Atlanta, How I Met Your Mother, The X-Files, Prison Break and Black-ish. That and a few of the Die Hard films, but not all of them. Talk about the illusion of choice.

Debuting here on February 23rd, it will have some original content too. Here in the UK exclusively we have been promised new crime thriller Big Sky as well as high school drama Love, Victor. Although both of these series have already aired on the Disney owned ABC network and Hulu respectively.

And while Disney are keen to emphasis that the inclusion of Star will double the content we get here in Europe and the UK, who wants more old crap to sift through that much?

A month into my annual subscription and I’m already wondering whether to continue with Disney + on top of all the other streaming and TV services I’m already wasting a fortune on. When once in the Uk you paid a on-off annual licence fee that allows the BBC to remain publicly owned and advertising free, like s many others I know I’m selling out for satellite TV, broadband, Netflix, Amazon Prime and now Disney +. And for what? A great deal of repeats and Bollywood films. Nether of which I am a particular fan of, sorry.

Star will be available on Disney+ in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore from February 23, 2021 with changes in prices taking affect this August and rising to £7.99/month (UK) or £79.90/annual from its current £5.99/month or £59.99/year (UK). But, after a year in which many people have struggled financially and more, can we really swallow more price hikes for much longer?

Even more than that, when I read of the bumper year these streaming services had (Disney + originally forecasted 60 million – 90 million initial subscribers by 2024, and smashed that to now forecast as many as 230 million to 260 million by 2024), do they really, really need to introduce this hike, and in such times as those we are living in currently? Tone deaf, or what?

Sorry, but I simply can’t get as excited by this news as many other sites this morning. I just don’t think my wallet will handle it when all the other streaming services follow suit. And, you know they will, right? And so, before I;ve one said “Hello,” I’m already thinking of saying, ‘Goodbye. It’s not me, it’s you!”

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