Review: The Past Bites In ‘Wolverine’ #8

by Tony Thornley

Logan has been a lot of things in his very long life. However, those things have often come back to haunt him, and what better time to do that than a huge anniversary issue?

Team X has long been one of the biggest specters hanging over Logan’s head. Naturally in the Krakoa era, it’s the perfect time to face that past, while also facing the future. Whether it works is another question. The story comes to us from Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert, Antonio Fabela, Viktor Bogdanovic, Matthew Wilson, and Cory Petit.

In the wake of his capture just before X of Swords, Logan wants to find Dracula, and knows Omega Red could lead him right to him. However, an attack on a US Military black ops site draws the attention of X-Force. One of the attacking soldiers is a mutant, and Logan may be the only one who can get to the bottom of it.

Percy does some things really well here, and others not so much. Calling out the ethical evils and the lines that are crossed in institutions in power is refreshing. Logan’s building conflict with Beast is fantastic, and done in a way that it’s clear Logan is right, but doesn’t directly paint Beast as a villain. (Ethically and morally wrong, and possibly a war criminal though? Absolutely.) Additionally the extended scene depicting Logan side by side with his family was fantastic, and something that I hope the creative team does more of very soon.

However, the issue falls short in looking to the past. Instead of feeling like Percy is mining the past for story material, the series (except the X of Swords issues) continues to feel like a greatest hits compilation. This issue pushed it a bit more in the right direction, especially with the conflict between Logan and Hank, but it’s still an issue that the series needs to overcome to reach the potential it has.

On the art side, Kubert and Fabela continue to put out great work. Kubert’s line art is always dynamic, using changes of perspectives and unusual layouts to create a sense of motion on the page. When he moves into action shots and splash pages, the art has a great sense of motion, and he frames the figures in a way that their appearance has a strong pop on the page, so the eye is drawn to it. Fabela’s colors are bright, but they’re used to emphasize the action on the page.

However, Bogdanovic’s pages are a bit of a let down. His Logan still looks like short Batman, and his depiction of Agent Jeff Bannister is totally off model. He changes Bannister from an interesting and visually engaging character to “generic schlubby white guy.” Add overly dark and murky scenery and the pages just don’t work nearly as well, especially compared to Kubert and Fabela’s.

This was an interesting issue. It sets up some cool plots to come, and is growing in all the right ways.

Wolverine #8 is available now from Marvel Comics.


A big anniversary dives into the past while confronting the future.

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