The New App For Digital Comics: ‘DC Universe Infinite’ Launches This Thursday

by Olly MacNamee
Announced last year, this Thursday 21st January sees the launch of DC Universe Infinite. A new online digital comic book subscription service offering fans over 25,000 comic books and graphic novels to peruse through covering all eras, and iterations of the DCU.
As well as this impressive back catalogue, DC Universe Infinite will have new titles 6 months after their day and date release. That, and “exclusive fan events”.
If you are a current DC Universe subscriber you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll simply be swapped over. Online or offline, while there will be no more TV content – with the third season of Harley Quinn swapping to HBO Max – existing subscribers may find solace I the amount of comic books made available. Although, for many, I imagine they’ll consider this new launch a decrease in previous services. But, for new subscribers, they’ll never know what they missed as DC Comics parent company, AT&T seem to be forging ahead with this new push for more digital comic book content.
Who know, maybe it’ll stick this time?

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