Talking With Darick Robertson About New Kick-Ass Kickstarter ‘Space Bastards’ Vol.2

by Olly MacNamee

As you may be aware, of you’re a regular visitor round these here parts, Space Bastards #1 has just come out from Humanoids, after first seeing print as a successfully crowdfunded graphic novel. Not allowing the grass to grow between their toes, the co-creators launched a Kickstarter for Space Bastards Vol.2 this week, which you can read all about here. Having already caught up with writers, Joe Aubrey and Eric Peterson, like Pokemon, I have to have ’em all. So, sit back and enjoy my cha with The Boys co-creator, Darick Robertson, as he talks about his involvement with the original book as well as his role in this new venture…

Olly MacNamee: Darick, the first volume of Space Bastards must have been one Hell of a commitment for you. How did you agree to commit to such a huge undertaking and how did you manage to cope with such a huge workload? What sold you on this particular project?

Darick Robertson: Yes, this is one of the largest projects I’ve penciled and inked, probably since The Boys. I had to balance it out with other work that was already set to be published at the time, Eric and Joe were very passionate about the project and were willing to fund it and also give me a role as a co-creator, so that appealed to me. 

OM: With the new Kickstarter promoting Space Bastards Volume 2 while you are still involved, you have wisely stepped back somewhat (but still illustrating two chapters in the second volume) and brought in additional artists. Was this always on the cards after the initial 200+ pages first graphic novel?  

DR: I completed my series arc ‘Tooth & Mail’ back in March of 2019. Eric was already a talking about bringing on new artists in for other arcs back then. Eric and Joe have more story to tell than I could keep up with!

OM: With your experience working with writers such as Grant Morrison and Garth Ennis, were you allowed to contribute to the script in any way? I imagine your colorful career in comics would be invaluable on any project you work on?

DR: I did bring my experience in storytelling to the project, yes, as Eric and Joe were somewhat new to the format and their script was more like a screenplay in places. Some things had to be moved around and edited down so everything they wanted could fit and play out. 

OM: Knowing what a passion project Space Bastards has been for Joe and Eric, how much input were you allowed to have in the design of this down-and-dirty universe and characters within it?

DR: They were pretty open to what I brought to the table, as they knew my previous work and were pretty set on making me a deal I couldn’t refuse. They did have a clear idea of the personalties of the characters and a clear direction they wanted to go in. I like to think I just helped them realize their vision, which is something I try to being to all my collaborations. 

OM: And what did you most enjoy when approaching this project initially? 

DR: I really enjoyed the freedom of creating the look of this world and the collaboration with Eric & Joe. 

OM: What are your hopes for Space Bastards Volume 2, given the recent publication by Humanoids may get it into a whole new readership? I notice, at time of writing, you’ve already broken through the half-way point already and after just two days! Congrats.

DR: That’s exciting. I hadn’t checked it yet today so that’s news to me. My hope is to see Eric and Joe reap the hard earned benefits for all the time, energy and money they’ve put into this and for us to have something we can all be proud of in the future. 

OM: You’re clearly have fun with Joe, Eric and Space Bastards, but who next for you in the wonderful world of comics? 

DR: I’m currently writing a couple of my own projects and just finished up my DC Black Label series Hellblazer: Rise and Fall with Tom Taylor.

You can check out the Kickstarter for Space Bastards Vol.2 here, and read my interview with Darick fellow co-creators, Joe Aubrey and Eric Peterson here

And, you can read a review for Space Bastards #1 here

Phew, I think that’s everything! As you may be able to tell, we’re big fans of Space Bastards here at comicon HQ. 

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