AWA Upshot Presents The Next Chapter In Their Shared Universe With ‘The Resistance: Uprising’ First Look

by Olly MacNamee

J. Michael Straczynski returns to the universe he is helping build and establish with The Resistance: Uprising this Spring from AWA Upshot. Joining him this time on art is C. P. Smith who had this to say about the series:

“Resistance is An allegory of our times.  The real world outside our window.  The heart of humanity put to the test.”

And, he wasn’t the only oneStraczynski had this to say about the return of this series and who to expect from this new chapter:

“Where volume one of The Resistance had a very global point of view as it addressed the issue of people with powers arising after a massive pandemic, The Resistance: Uprising #1 is a bit more centered in the United States where some of those powers have begun gathering, recovering from the assassination of the woman who unified them, and flexing their muscles against a President bent ever more on transforming America into a fascist state with himself as president-for-life.  Where volume one was written long before the real pandemic hit, but had massive implications for and resonance for that event, volume two was written well before the political events of December/January ’21, once again the book has significant echoes of what we’ve all been living through during this time.  From government attacks on peaceful protesters, to a President ginning up his own personal army to help ensure his own survival against calls for his removal, on and on, the book once again is absolutely relevant to the present moment.  But it does so in a way that is ultimately positive, and hopeful, and shows the real power of everyday people willing to stand for what is best in the human heart.”

As for the new storyline…

“In the wake of the assassination of their leader, the Resistance is in disarray, disconnected from each other and hunted by authorities around the world – including an army of “reborns” recruited by the American government. To avert decimation at the hands of a fascistic government crackdown, the Resistance must discover the ace up their sleeve, and then the key to unlocking it.”

The Resistance: Uprising #1 is out Wednesday April 17th from AWA Upshot


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