Review: ‘Challenge Of The Super Sons’ #6 Finally Clears Up The Timeline

by James Ferguson


We finally know what’s going on in Challenge of the Super Sons, just in time to save Hawkgirl’s life. The pint-sized adventure continues!


The Doom Scroll has targeted Hawkgirl and Robin and Superboy are on a mission to save her life, even if that meets clubbing her with her own mace. They also have to take care of the poison gas that has filled the room which proves rather difficult when the only options they have are killing birds or blowing up balloons for kids. Challenge of the Super Sons continues!

I’ve lamented in previous reviews about the disjointed timeline of this series. We’re in chapter 6 and writer Peter J. Tomasi clears everything up in three panels. I don’t know why that explanation couldn’t have come in an earlier issue so we would have a better understanding as to why Damian and Jon are doing all this. It’s an odd choice. Hopefully now that the details of this quest are revealed we can see the plot move forward instead of back and forth.

Despite the confusing nature of the timeline, Challenge of the Super Sons #6 is a lot of fun. The issue opens after Jon has sucked up a bunch of poison gas and doesn’t know what to do next. Artist Max Raynor shows him with full cheeks and a desperate look on his face as he tries to communicate with Damian without opening his mouth and killing him. It’s just a bit cartoony and it’s absolutely perfect.

Over time, Jon gets increasingly red from holding his breath. Colorist Luis Guerrero gives the Boy of Steel these rosy cheeks that contrast well with his blue eyes. The poor kid is trying so hard to do what’s right.

Since Jon can’t speak, Damian narrates most of this issue and he’s uses that time to wax poetic about the mission. The kid clearly likes to hear himself talk. Letterer Rob Leigh gives the Boy Wonder’s words a nice flow across the page, interspersed with Jon’s frantic grunts.

Now that the foundation has been laid and we finally have some clarity as to what’s going on, the path is clear for Challenge of the Super Sons. This pint-sized adventure is just getting started and we’ve already seen an array of heroes and some great action. What continues to drive this series is the fun dynamic between Robin and Superboy. They’re two best friends living in the shadows of their hero fathers trying to make their mark on the world.

Challenge of the Super Sons #6 from DC Comics is currently available digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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