Valiant Teams Up With GIT Corp & dDominium For Digital Collectibles

by James Ferguson

Valiant Entertainment is joining forces with GIT Corp and dDominium for new Blockchain digital collectibles featuring characters from the Valiant Universe. The collectibles and autographs are unique in the space as they allow collectors to easily access, transfer, and prove ownership independent of any single entity. It’s not like something like ComiXology or Amazon Video where you have a license to view content through those platforms. If they shut down, so does your access.

“I am glad to be partnering with dDominium, a leader in Blockchain technology, to work on the development and production of these Blockchain products,” said Ray Pelosi, GIT Corp. President & CEO.

“I’m always eager to give Valiant fans new ways to celebrate their favorite characters, and I’m very excited for them to see the digital collectibles that are on the way,” stated Russ Brown, Valiant Entertainment’s President of Consumer Products, Promotions & Ad Sales.

I will admit that I didn’t know Blockchain digital collectibles were a thing before this press release hit my inbox, but I’m intrigued. More information about the Valiant collectibles will be revealed soon.

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