AfterShock Comics Announces New Afterlife Fantasy Series ‘Silver City’

by Olly MacNamee

“When a young roughneck lands in Silver City, the gritty, purgatorial metropolis of the afterlife, she must adapt to her new existence, while attempting to uncover how and why she died. Her mission is derailed, however, when she rescues a newly dead girl from a mysterious kidnapping attempt, and discovers powerful, kinetic abilities.

Welcome to the Silver City, where the sun never rises and nothing ever changes…until now.”

That’s the pitch for new comic book fantasy series Silver City by writer Olivia Cuartero-Briggs and artist Luca Merli, letterer Dave Sharpe and AfterShock Comics.

A new surreal sounding series from writer Olivia Cuartero-Briggs, who explains the influences behind it, the world-building involved and more ahead of a first look at the debut issue:

“Silver City is about a troubled young woman’s posthumous quest to figure out who she is in a strange, purgatorial city, and in so doing, seize her destiny. I am so excited for readers to finally get to read this story for several reasons. 1. It’s a really fun exploration into the greater meaning of life, what happens after we die, and even a bit of what happens after that. These first five books are an introduction into an entirely new world, one that I had the time of my life building, and I can’t wait to share it. Another reason I can’t wait for readers to see this book, is the amazing artwork by Luca Merli. He is an incredible talent, and I felt like he was reading my mind throughout the entire illustrating process. He brings the city, the world, and the characters “to life” (no pun intended) in ways I could only dream of.”

This story is based on a dream I had over a decade ago. One of those dreams you just can’t shake or stop thinking about. At the same time, I live across the street from Universal Studios, and would take my daughter to “Harry Potter World” often. It was so amazing to me that all of that existed – the movies, the rides, the endless amounts of toys, games, and paraphernalia – the entire Harry Potter phenomenon – came out of one woman who decided to write her dream.  So, I thought, why not me? 

And there’s more! We even get three mighty fine reasons why you may want to pick up this book when it hits stores on Wednesday May 12th 2021:

“Well, I like to think there are LOADS of reasons readers should snatch this book of the shelves, but if I must list only three… 😉

  1. The characters are all completely unique, and painstakingly developed. Also, they are all from different periods in history: A 50’s kid from The Bronx, a punk rocker from the early 90s, and a modern-day misfit. It’s a real challenge, writing in all those different voices, tones, and lingos, but put together, it makes for a very fun read, and a group of characters you won’t soon forget. There are also some dead celebrity cameos, and that’s always fun!
  2. The world – This is a completely new world that has been created using fragments of history, various beliefs, and a whole lot of creativity. It’s entirely different from any world you’ve seen before – new philosophies, legends, villains, monsters, and heroes – and yet grounded by those basic desires that move us all: Acceptance, survival, and fear of the unknown. 
  3. The Story – Much like other big, world-building adventure stories, Silver City has a delicately complex and intricately designed story full of twists, turns, and massive revelations. The amazing editors at Aftershock and I have worked tirelessly to ensure there is literally never a dull moment, and I am endlessly proud of what we have accomplished. Lots more to come, I hope!”

Read for that preview?

Variant cover by David Lopez


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