Bendis And Mack’s ‘Cover’ In Development At HBO Max

by Erik Amaya

Buried in a HBO Max press release about their upcoming animated series slate, the streaming service confirmed it is developing a series based on Cover by Brian Micheal Bendis and David Mack. The comic book series, published by DC Comics and Bendis’s Jinxworld imprint, offered a glimpse of what might happen if the American intelligence community used a world traveling comic book creator in their intelligence-gathering efforts. At the center of it: Max Field, a creator who finds juggling a normal comics workload with the demands of being a spy a little too difficult to balance. Apparently based on a true story, the series featured Nazi hunters, the Angoulême International Comics Festival, and more.

While there has been some chatter about the book being adapted for television since it was first published, this appears to be the first real confirmation about it. It’ll be interesting to see if any animation house can retain Mack’s style or if it will abandon that look for something more traditional. As we’ve discovered of the years, animation has a hard time keeping distinctive styles in tact. But, as it happens, Bendis and Mack are involved in the project, so perhaps they will find a way to make the show look truly distinctive.

It is unclear how quickly the series will arrive on the service — or if will happen at all. Considering the brevity of information about the series in a press release more concerned with Mindy Kaling‘s upcoming Velma series and a two-season order for a new version of Clone High, Clover is a more of a potential series than anything else.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to see one of Bendis’s original creator-owned works become a TV show. He’s been trying to make it happen for over twenty years.

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