Review: The Beginning Of The End In ‘Birthright’ #46 Is Just As Powerful

by James Ferguson


The epilogue of this epic fantasy series begins and it’s full of just as much emotion and family as ever. With the God King Lore defeated, what’s next for Mikey?


At long last, Mikey Rhodes has fulfilled his destiny and defeated the God King Lore. It was not without cost as this battle has moved from Terrenos to Earth and ending countless lives in the process. Mikey’s own parents are still alive, but trapped in the fantasy world seemingly forever. With a child of his own, Mikey must now figure out what to do next.

Birthright could have ended with the last issue. We had the epic battle between good and evil and the bad guy was vanquished. This issue shows us what happens after the credits roll in an epic movie. How do you go back to normal after fighting dragons and other monsters?

This chapter picks up one month after the events of the last issue and serves as an epilogue, ushering in the final arc. It’s clear that despite Mikey finally achieving his destiny, writer Joshua Williamson has much more in store for him and his family. He presents an interesting look at this character, who we’ve seen go through so much over the course of this series.

We bounce back and forth between the past and the present as Mikey argues with his wife Rya about what to do next and how to live in this new world. The flashbacks show how the two first fell in love. These are full of sweet moments that contrast with the fight they’re having in the present. It’s so touching to see how these two found each other and built a relationship, even among all the pain and danger they faced in Terrenos.

Artist Andrei Bressan once again delivers some incredible work. His detailed pencils are unmatched, between the lush fields of Terrenos and the desolated battlegrounds on Earth. There’s a gorgeous double page spread where Mikey and Rya are fighting some monsters on Earth in the present, where smaller panels from their past are shown, like photographs dropped on a table. It creates a great juxtaposition, while also showing how these two are perfect for one another.

Bressan brings out the personality and emotion in his stellar character work. Much is implied in this issue without having to say it outright, especially for Mikey. You can tell he has a lot on his mind right now and those troubles are coming through in his facial expressions. Letterer Pat Brosseau captures the underlying anger here with some great word balloon placement.

Colorist Adriano Lucas differentiates the two worlds with unique palettes, even when they’re looking more and more similar due to recent events. Magic is shown with a bright, eerie color that speaks to danger and otherworldly intensity. There’s a dark cloud that hangs over Earth now, mirroring the horrors of war and the pain suffered by these characters.

Birthright has been a wild ride through an intriguing fantasy world, powered by emotion and family. As we approach the end of the series, we’re treated to a few more incredible and powerful beats that show what makes this such a stand out comic.

Birthright #46 from Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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