Gillen And Hans’s RPG Theme Series ‘Die’ Concludes With Issue #20

by Olly MacNamee
Cover A by Stephanie Hans

Image Comics haas made it known that the next story arc to kick off in Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans’s Die will be its last. Staring in Die #16 and ominously titled ‘Bleed’ the highly anticipated conclusion for the series will be revealed in Die #20.

To go into the dark, you have to get to the dark. They never put a dungeon anywhere accessible, do they? Past sins haunt our party, and future sins permeate the landscape. Die’s closing arc begins as we began: with regrets and screaming.

Cover B by Alberto Varanda

Gillen looks at it this way:

“The concluding arc is always bittersweet. Sad that the adventure is coming to the end, but the wicked glee of finally being able to reveal all the bleak secrets we’ve been keeping.”

Die #16 is out Wednesday, May 5th from Image Comics and starts counting down the clock on this RPG themed series.

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