Review: ‘Future State: Superman Vs. Imperious Rex’ #2 Is A Great Silver Age Style Story With A Modern Take

by Olly MacNamee


Future State: Superman Vs. Imperious Rex #2 is a fun and furious issue that sees Luthor regret his hasty decision to join the United Planets. And try and renege on the deal as only Luthor can.


The problem with being the smartest man in the world is that you’re only the smartest of 50% of the population. And as Lois Lane shows Lex Luthor in Future State: Superman Vs. Imperious Rex #2, she’s can be a lot smarter than him. And she’s undoubtably nowhere near the top ten smartest women in the DCU. But then you just knew with Mark Russell writing the script Luthor was always going to come off worse. Hoisted on his own pertard.

But that’s not to say he can’t turn up the evil settings in that battle suit of his. The humour can quite as easily turn to egotistical acts of evil at the turn of a page and we are reminded why Luthor is still a hard act to follow in the arch enemy department. And here he has a whole planet to intimidate. A planet slavishly devoted to him thanks, in some part, to a heavily censored state run media.

Lex Luthor has asked to become a member of the United Planets but soon regrets his panicked decision. And so he decides to revoke his membership in a very violent fashion, knowing he can rely on the compliant citizens of Lexor to have his back against Superman. And not for the first time in this issue does he underestimate Lois Lane. The doofus. 

Steve Pugh delights with his interpretations of an older Lois and Clark, and he is just the artists to execute the muggings of Lex Luthor, the wiser, more mature Lois and a more thick set, fatherly Superman. Such an expressive script needed an artist as good with the close ups as they are with the bigger, bolder action sequences. And, Pugh delivers in style and helps convey the various moods across this issue magnificently.

In many ways – with its outer space settings, megalomaniac Machiavellian, the pure hearted, altruistic Kal-El, – this feels like a great contemporary take on a classic Superman story from the early Silver Age. A more mature take but one that retains a good dose of goofiness too. A fun issue with plenty of action too.

Future State: Superman Vs. Imperious Rex #2 is out now from DC Comics

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