The Great Dante Readthrough Podcast Begins

by Richard Bruton

More comics for the ears for you now – this week it’s time to get deep into the amazing adventures of Nikolai Dante, and who better to be your guide than the character’s co-creator, artist Simon Fraser and his wife, writer Edie Nugent, as they tell you all about The Great Dante Readthrough Podcast.


Yes, this is a week by week podcast with Nikolai Dante co-creator, Simon Fraser, going through the adventures of his most famous creation, the way too cool to kill buccaneer, your favourite 27th-century Russian lover, rogue and thief – Nikolai Dante!

Fraser’s joined on this grand adventure by his wife, writer Edie Nugent, who is, according to Fraser – “in charge of the words ‘n stuff”.

I’ve been listening to the first three episodes the past couple of days on Spotify, and it’s a great Podcast, full of interesting chat, loads of digressions and anecdotes, and really does work a treat when you sit there with copies of Nikolai Dante to see exactly what Simon and Edie are talking about – highly recommended!

Co-created by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser and first appearing in 2000 AD Prog 1035 (1997), Nikolai Dante‘s saga ran for 15 years across 11 volumes. Fraser was the primary artist for the first part of the series, with support from artists including Charlie Adlard, Henry Flint, Chris Weston and Andy Clarke, and Steve Yeowell. And from about 2000, Fraser and John Burns pretty much shared artistic duties, almost alternating volumes at times.

Across the 11 volumes, Morrison and Fraser give us this epic of adventuring, intrigues, politicking, dodgy family histories and royal blood-lines, with Nikolai Dante romancing and swashbuckling his way through it all. It’s one of the highpoints of 2000 AD of the modern era for sure.

To give you an idea of what to expect… here’s the quick summaries of the first two episodes…

“Episode 1: The Adventures Of Nikolai Dante.

Simon and Edie readthrough “The Adventures of Nikolai Dante” and discuss: the value of Imperial Seductress undergarments, attendance problems at the court of the Tsar, bathing with an audience, twincest, and a hidden homage to Lone Wolf and Cub.

Episode 2: The Romanov Dynasty

Simon and Edie readthrough “The Romanov Dynasty” and discuss: the dangers of sex in a library, the complicated economy of Rudinshtein, the unpredictable effects of “Chert” addiction, meeting your super-powered siblings, and the depths of Dimitri Romanov’s depravity.”

So, go and find it – it’s available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and as many Podcast aggregators as they could find! It’s also on Simon’s website.

And should you want to have the great fun of reading along with the Podcast, you can pick up all of the volumes of Nikolai Dante at the 2000 AD webshop.

And finally, this perfect bit of Nikolai Dante summary for you, from The Memoirs of Nikolai Dante by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser from 2000 AD #1731, 2011.

It was a double-sized episode, with Dante telling of his past… or at least his version of it…

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