SelfMadeHero Offers A Dark Take On Romance In New Anthology ‘I Feel Love’ Out In April

by Richard Bruton

I Feel Love, an anthology of short fictions that explores love’s dark, twisted underbelly thanks to editors Julian Hanshaw and Krent Able, coming from SelfMadeHero on April 1st.

Hanshaw and Able are following up the successful I Feel Machine anthology, published in 2018. It’s the antidote to all things lovey-dovey, sweet, cloying and conventional and has lined up a sextet of artists to tell these dark tales of all things to do with the heart.

‘Teen Swamp Monster’ by Benjamin Marra

The Contributors come from both the UK and US and bring their own illustrative style and unique take to bear on the many moods of love, often leaving romance behind in search of darker desires.

Ignatz Award-nominated Anya Davidson (Band For Life) explores a slash fiction obsession, while Kelsey Wroten, whose work has appeared in The New Yorker and Vice, depicts medieval penance. UK-based cartoonist Cat Sims gets entwined with childbirth, and Benjamin Marra (American Blood, Jesusfreak) discovers the attraction of swamp monsters on the fairer sex. Rounding off the collection, editors Julian Hanshaw (Tim Ginger, The Art of Pho, Cloud Hotel) and Krent Able (Krent Able’s Big Book of Mischief, The Second Coming of Krent Able and the forthcoming Image book with Shaky Kane, Kane & Able) offer their own contributions, with tales of wife-swapping and a mysterious black balloon.

‘Hurt/Comfort’ by Anya Davidson

I Feel Love, edited by Julian Hanshaw and Krent Able, with stories by Krent Able, Anya Davidson, Julian Hanshaw, Benjamin Marra, Cat Sims and Kelsey Wroten. Released by SelfMadeHero on April 1 (UK) and March 31 (USA)

‘I Want To Watch’ by Julian Hanshaw
‘Black Balloon’ by Krent Able


‘The Anchor’ by Kelsey Wroten
‘The Burgeoning’ by Cat Sims

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