Super Sunday Kickstarting Comics Special (Part 5): ‘Turning Roads: An Irish Folklore Comic Anthology’

by Olly MacNamee

Paul Carroll’s Turning Roads: An Irish Folklore Comic Anthology aims to retell and reimagine classic Irish myths and legends as comic strips and it would seem it’s a popular idea given it’s almost doubled its original fund goal with 14 days to go. Featuring strips from some of the up and coming Irish comic book creators out there.

If you like what you read here why not show it some love and check it out here now?

Welcome to Turning Roads, a collection of comics retelling old stories out of Irish folklore and mythology. Comprised of work by over thirty creators, Turning Roads addresses familiar tales through new points of view, utilising science fiction, fantasy and magical realism to bring oral tradition and collected tales of mystery and woe into modern and future versions of Ireland.”

Here’s a taster for you from Hugh Madden and his take on the story of Niamh Cinn Óir:

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