‘Hourman’ Joins The DC Films Stable With Chernin Entertainment Producing

by Erik Amaya

It is finally the Man of the Hour’s turn to become a feature film.

Deadline reports Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Films, and Chernin Entertainment are developing an Hourman movie. Created in the 1940s by Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily, the original version was Rex Tyler, a chemist who developed a miracle drug offering him extended strength, speed, and endurance. The catch? The effects wore off after an hour and he could only use the drug once a day. Nevertheless, he suited up to fight crime, stop Nazis, and join the Justice Society of America. Other characters have appeared over the years using the identity and/or the “Miraclo” wonder drug, including Rex’s son Rick and a time-traveling android from the 853rd Century.

It is unclear if Rex, Rick, or the android will lead the picture, but we think Rick would make an excellent choice — especially if Rex’s time as Hourman is part of the story. DC Films needs to highlight one of DC Comics’ superhero legacies and this is an excellent character to do it with. Hell, even the android could show up in a stinger scene.

A version of Rick currently appears on The CW’s Stargirl and the network previously developed an Hourman series before choosing other superhero projects.

No creatives or cast are attached as yet, but one imagines a writer and director will soon emerge. Although DC Films has a roster of projects in various states of development, only a handful have release dates. But with potential films like Hourman and Blue Beetle on the slate, we look forward to a more robust DC Films universe.

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