FCBD 2021: ‘Lady Mechanika’ Lands At Image Comics With FCBD Issue

by Olly MacNamee

Joe Benitez’s Steampunk adventure series, Lady Mechanika, has chosen Image Comics as its new publisher. The new Image series will build up steam ahead of a new series this Free Comic Book Day 2021 (FCBD 2021). Featuring a reprint of the first appearance of the character, the new series will then follow in September from Image Comics.

As the new publisher, Image will be offering the entire backlist of Lady Mechanika beginning this August with the long anticipated reprints of the volume one trade paperback and hardcover editions. These reprints will join a total of seven trade paperbacks and five hardcover editions of the adventure series.

In Lady Mechanika, readers follow a young woman during the Victorian Era who is desperately in search of the secrets to her past—a past that left her with extraordinary, but unnatural, mechanical limbs.

“I’m very excited that Lady Mechanika is moving to Image! We hope this move will provide an opportunity to share the series with a new, wider audience, and also give us more time to focus on our creative strengths while letting the experts at Image handle publishing and marketing. We have so many stories to tell, hopefully this will help us get more of them out faster. The next story arc we’re calling ‘The Monster of the Ministry of Hell-th’ will deal with a piece of Lady Mechanika’s haunted past. Check out a preview of the new book in our FCBD issue!” – Joe Benitez

“We’re pleased to welcome Joe back to Image. Joe got his start at Image, as part of Marc Silvestri’s Top Cow Productions, and he has grown into a phenomenal talent over the years. What he has built for himself with Lady Mechanika is truly impressive, and it’s exciting to be part of what comes next for this incredible series.”Eric Stephenson, Publisher & Chief Creative Officer at Image Comics

The FCBD 2021 edition of Lady Mechanika will include the stand-alone short story ‘The Demon of Satan’s Alley,’ which first introduced Lady Mechanika and her steampunk world (Lady Mechanika #0), as well as a preview of the forthcoming new story, ‘The Monster of the Ministry of Hell-th,’ coming September.

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