Review: ‘X-Force’ #18 Makes Monstrous Moves For Krakoa

by Tony Thornley

Quentin Quire is one of the X-Men’s most complex figures. Amongst X-Force he fits right in. However, as the cold war with Xeno continues to rage on, Quire might be about to learn things about himself that he doesn’t want to.

Cover by Joshua Cassara

The redefinition of Kid Omega continues in this issue. It’s hard truth faced by a complex character from Benjamin Percy, Gerry Brown, Guru-eFx, and Joe Caramagna.

Every time this title crosses the line, it shows that the series’ morality play isn’t over yet and it has other ways to cross it. While Percy tells a story about Quire trying to grow up and put his past behind him, he runs other threads through the story. Sure, Quentin is in a bad place, and it could get worse. But Percy examines Krakoa’s security here, and the costs of protecting secrets.

Most interestingly, I don’t think the characters make the right choice this time. What they do is for the benefit of Krakoa. But the cost can be too great, and it can lead to the wrong actions. This issue also confronts everything Beast is right now, and what might need to be done to protect his actions and his secrets. It’s not perfect, but it does raise interesting questions for the future of this title.

Brown steps in mid arc, and he’s a great choice to help out Cassara. His lines are much rougher, and his style is a little more sketchy. However, he is extremely expressive, giving the actions that Krakoa’s protectors have taken a personal cost. It’s clearly weighing on each of them and Brown shows it in their movements and body language.

Guru’s team continues to do great work on their colors. The purple glow throughout evokes Quire, but also creates a feeling of unease. Caramagna also creates specific moods and feelings with his work. He changes the shape of bubbles without them sticking out, and his sound effects are fantastic.

There’s a lot of growing up for Quire to do yet, and maybe X-Force isn’t the way to do it. But that’s what these stories are all about.

X-Force #18 is available now from Marvel Comics


X-Force continues to face the morally grey as Kid Omega has to do some growing up. The creative team shows that the team might be in over their head while creating some unsettling conflicts.

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